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About | Littleheartcreates

Hi! I’m Chithra,

I have been in love with plants and all things 'nature' since I was young. I love to learn and gather from them.

One of the ways I rekindled inspiration was by starting to grow in my garden and documenting the journey. I admire, adore and have an immense respect towards people who paint. Though I used to scribble when I was young, I'd never attempted to paint sincerely. It was in 2020 that I coincidently opened an account on Instagram and was introduced to many artists' and their beautiful work. That inspired me and I started to paint and it was rejuvenating which in turn boosted my confidence.

Other than creating art, I absolutely adore the time I spend with my husband, Shaan, and our forever adorable puppy, 'Mr. Bro'.

Even if I did not need to be a responsible adult, I'd still plant and paint; sipping wine all day! Thanks for visiting!

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